Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spoiler alert for those of you who were not at the amenity yesterday, everything has changed.

Bobby is no more and I am no longer the Sue I was. I've been through so much and now realize how wide-eyed and silly I'd been for so many years and how focusing on the little things got me through the day to day, but didn't prepare me for the future. I now know I need to look within for the comfort and joy I seek, and that I am more powerful than I ever knew. I will always love Bobby, but I will always love myself most of all.

I am proud to have been a member of the revolution and yes, even I, *hope* that this will be the start of a brand new day for all of us and will wave my little yellow flag until the day I die.

For Bobby, for ever.


Saturday, October 8, 2016


I can't sleep.

Could be, who knows, but guys I really feel like something's coming, something good, if I can wait. Like really -- I feel like something big is about to happen to us.

And I have confidence in sunshine and I have confidence in me (which I know, is like crazy city and super hard to believe). But I don't know, I just have this sixth sense that if I go to the amenity tomorrow morning with my lip gloss in tow to take full advantage of those #glossibilities, it's going to be a day unlike any other and things are gonna change things forever.

Maybe it's the beginning for me and Bobby. Maybe he'll know that theres a world of love waiting to warm him. And somehow he'll know, and fly to my side and make me his own. Oh, Bobby, that's all I ask of you, cause I'd do anything for you. Here's to us. I mean really, who's like us? Damn few.

Or maybe it's something I could never have dreamed of -- a new beginning for Sue; a castle on a cloud where people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. Really, any dream will do.


Soupy Sue
I told you I was saving the best for last. Ready?!?!?

Here is a collage I made of Bobby Strong:

Isn't he so dreamy?!?!?!? I mean, not only is he, like, perfect to look at, but he's also super smart and super sweet and super strong and just, well, everything a person ought to be. 

And, I mean, I've told you guys about how not everyone talks to me, or says hi back all the time. Well, Bobby's not like that. He will always wave back or say hello and sometimes he'll pat me on the shoulder or like, almost, give me a little hug. And when that happens you can bet I'm sooooo happy that baths are not a regular things, cause I can relish that touch for days on end...

I just really like him. Really, really. And I'll keep pursuing him until the day I die cause I know we were meant to be together. He's the one that makes it worth waking up each morning, and now that he's working at the amenity, it's one more reason to spend every waking moment there. #bobbyandsue4ever

There's no one else like Bobby. No one.

Sappy, Soupy Sue

Friday, October 7, 2016

There's also lots of other people who come to the amenity, like NotMa (the one who gave me that magic goop -- she's a native american or something and is super mysterious and kind of looks like Ma, but like, not know?) 

And then there's Bobby's Pa (I asked if I could take a photo of him for the blog and he shot me a look that said "Do I look like I want that?" So I repeated sorry 500 times and gave him a back massage. 

And this is Hillary, which you know, I always thought was a girl name, but I double-checked and this Hillary is a boy. Most of the time, Hillary goes to amenity number 10, but he's so cool, sometimes he'll walk the extra 4 miles to "switch things up" and come to ours, which is always like, such an exciting day. He's way cool and usually hangs out with Becky and Robbie in the circle of fun when he comes, cause, well, duh. Anyway, he's awesome.

There are a couple other guys that normally go to amenity number 8 (which, like I can't imagine -- cause they say that as you get closer to 1, the amenities get worse and worse -- again, making Hillary super cool for coming down to a worse amenity. Like so cool.) Anyway, these guys come visit us too, this one has a lumberjack beard (but there are like no more trees, so I don't know what you need a lumberjack beard to do these days) and then there's this other guy who has this awesome poofy vest that I would totally steal if, you know, that weren't wrong and stuff. But I don't really know their names or anything about them. But I'll always say hi, cause that's polite.

And finally, well, it was during the midst of the hallucinations, but I captured it on film, which means it must be true, but I met this stranger one day and he said his name was Tiny Tom. But like, I just introduced you to Tiny Tom and that's not what Tiny Tom looks like, but he was dressed all the same. But that entire day, he was like the best friend I always wished I had and he would laugh at all my jokes and be like super nice to me and help protect me from the scary things. I haven't seen him since the #sicknessstrightfromsatan, but I wish Tiny Tom v2.0 could be around along with Tiny Tom v1.0. I love them both. But probably v2.0 is a figment of my imagination. But there's photographic evidence, which just makes me go, "Whaaaaaaa?" So, crazy, right?

Anyway that's most everyone, but hang on tight guys...cause tomorrow, I'm gonna introduce you to the best one of all -- the one and only Bobby Strong. Get excited. Cause he is oh so perfect. 


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Today I would like to introduce you to Hot Blades Harry, Tiny Tom and Bobby's Ma.

This is Hot Blades Harry and he terrifies me. I think he used to be a wrestler or a figure skater or something. He's one of those people that finds objects around the junkyard and lifts them for fun. He's very intense and somehow doesn't need to come to the amenity every day. (Maybe he has a workout for that, too.) I took this photo of him before asking and I thought he was gonna kill me. I run real fast though, so don't worry - I'm okay. I may need to lay low for a couple days though. Ugh. If only I knew his bladder workout.

This is Tiny Tom. He's always got the best hairdos and is really funny. Like really, really funny. Sometimes he gets me into giggle fits (which is the worst, cause I do not look cute when I start laughing that hard #stoptheuglysoupy.) Most of the time, he's pretty nice to me, but sometimes he gets even more upset about things that I do. But he never cries. (Unlike some people...#reallythoughstoptheuglysoupy.) Anyway, he's real good people and makes me happy.

And finally, this is Bobby's Ma. She's really wonderful and sweet and where Bobby gets most of his wonderfulness from. Obviously, I want her to think the best of me, so I'm always very nice to her, but it's so easy cause she's like superwoman. Also, everyone knows you don't mess with Ma. Rumor has it that during the stink years, she took over the grocery store single-handedly and held it off for two years. So she's got some crazy intensity hidden under her niceness. You're the best, Ma!

Yay! More tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hi Guys! I promised and here I am delivering! Today I'd like to introduce you to Sally, Becky and Robbie.

This is Little Sally. She's still just a little girl, and doesn't let anyone else every play with her stuffed bunny, Edward, but she's really nice all the same. She's really good at stepping up and saying the things she thinks, which, as you know, is number one on my #SoupyGoalList. Also, she totally agrees with me that Bobby is like the most amazing person ever, but she's like waaaaay too young for him, so it's the perfect thing cause we can geek out together about him, but like, there's no competition (#winning). Also, she gives the best hugs and is probably my closest friend, which you might be like, "Really, you're closest friend is a little girl..." But she's like super awesome, so don't judge until you've met her.

This is Little Becky Two Shoes. I don't really know where her nickname came from, cause she's just so cool and I don't want to be uncool by asking, you know, so I just call her "Two Shoes" like everyone else (but you know, most of us have two shoes, so it doesn't really make a lot of sense now that I think about it). But anyway, she is like sooooo cool. And a little scary. But you know, that just somehow makes her even cooler. I keep trying to break the ice with her to get an invitation into the circle of fun...but sometimes she'll shoot me this look when I try to talk with her, and it'll freeze me up for a couple of minutes. Like, literally. I won't be able to move for two minutes. So, I need to work on that, cause I'm pretty sure that doesn't make her think very highly of me.

This is Robbie. He is all kinds of fabulous, #astarfishfortheages and is ALWAYS in the circle of fun. He doesn't say a lot usually, but whenever he does, it's to say the most funny, most truthful of all truths, so he gets mad respect around here from everyone. But really, he is everything. You might remember that he's the one I bring daily gifts to out of respect for having knocked him over at the amenity that one day, so now when I say hi to him, he'll sometimes even say hi back. I mean, not all the time, but like, at least twice, he's said hi back. So I'm pretty sure that makes us best friends now! (I love friends!!!!)

So anyway that's Sally, Becky and Robbie. I'll introduce you to more people tomorrow, but for the moment, it's back to the urinal for Sue.

Soupy Sue

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Sorry it's been so long, everyone. It was touch and go for a while there with this #phlemysicknessfromhell. I almost didn't make it to the amenity last weekend (but don't worry Officer Lockstock, if you're one of my readers -- and "Hi!!!!," if you are -- cause I rallied and crawled my way there, cause I am NOT risking getting Urinetown. *pleasepleasepleaseneverevertakemetoUrinetownkthanksbyyyyye*)

So anyway, I'm on the mend finally, but I have to tell you...I might have been hallucinating or something, but this man all in dark clothing emerged from behind the bridge one day (but not like dirty dark clothing, it was like how the rich have all their colors, except this color was just pure darkness) and handed me a cup of something he called "vocal potion." And so, well, I'm pretty sure he was a witch. And normally, you know, I wouldn't drink something from someone I don't know, cause #strangerdangerduh, and especially I wouldn't drink something from someone who might be a witch, but maybe he put a spell on me, because next thing I knew, I was drinking it.

And guys, I think the "vocal potion" from the man in black plus NotMa's goop helped me finally kick this thing.

So....Sue's back!!! And you'll be seeing lots more of my around the amenity again. I bet you all missed me and let me tell you I missed you more than you'll ever know. Like really really. I love you guys. Like, so much.

I'll start introducing the poor tomorrow! Promise.